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Business Cards Templates from Biz Card Software to design impressive business card

It is with the business card that your prospective clients get to know about you. Therefore, your card has to be the perfect spokesperson for you. It should be able to communicate you very well in the market. To create such a business card might seem a tough task, but truly it isn't! With this Software, you can create a business card yourself with the least amount of effort. This is the product you need, when you think of creating business cards on your own. With the templates for business cards that are embedded in this software, creating a card will seem as easy as it sounds.

This program will help you design and print a professional business card within minutes. The interface of this software has been designed in such a manner that even a beginner or amateur will not face any problem using it. The design process is extremely easy with just inserting ready to use elements in your business card design. You can choose and pick varied components from business card templates and create professional-looking cards with just a few clicks. The features provided in Biz Card Software are manifold.

  • Customize your card by adding your image
  • Choose from over 4000 vector graphics and shapes
  • Re-size your card as desired
  • Add various chunks of text on the card
  • Insert a background image to your card from the image library
  • Add ready to use text styles: arc, concave on your card
  • Change color and fonts of your card
  • Use tools such as cut, copy, paste, undo and redo to edit your card
  • You can arrange the elements of your card with various arrangement tools provided in the software. You can perform functions like select all, group/ungroup, hide/unhide, lock/unlock and send backward/bring forward
  • Use alignment options to align the components of your card to left, right, top, bottom and center
  • Use the zoom feature to enhance the look of the card and get a clearer picture
  • Use grid and ruler to check small details in your card
  • Apply effects such as shadow, gradient, blur emboss to textual elements as well as to symbols, shapes and images
  • Save your business card as a template to access it for later use

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are other features of this software, which will enable you to create effective business cards. This software automatically fills in your business profile information to the card. Hence, you just need to feed the information, and it will be updated to your card. You could also work on various projects in multiple tabs at one time while creating your card. Therefore, you can work on multiple cards, letterheads or envelopes.